Prestashop Vertical Dropdown Main Menu

Vertical Dropdown Menu for Prestashop theme
If you are looking for a Top Main Menu with Sub-menu styling for unlimited categories and sub-categories then you have come to the right destination.
This Non-Installation just COPY-PASTE based Menu code will help you achieve your goal in just minutes!!
All you have to do is Buy this software product and as instructed in the developer guide you will have to copy paste the relevant code and hurray!! Its ready.



1. It can display unlimited categories, sub-categories
2. It automatically places the right sub-category under the designated category
3. It has smooth navigation
4. Selected item is highlighted during mouse hover

1. Very Easy to setup the Top Main Menu into a Menu–>Sub-Menu style
2. Works smoothly
3. You can edit more for extra changes as you wish.
4. Its tried and tested, hence no worries
Note: This is not a module for installation. Its a CODE COPY PASTE file.

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